“It’s not just a show…

Who can resist the magic of puppetry? The Spring Valley Puppet Theater combines delightful original scripts, appealing characters, beautifully hand-crafted puppets, lighting, music and humor, all within the art of puppetry. The result is highly entertaining puppet theater.

"Illusion has triumphed. And so has Michael Graham, who gives life, at least momentarily, to a most improbable cast of characters."
- The New York Daily News

The productions are drawn from fairy tales, folktales and fables and feature hand and rod puppets. The audience is treated to a complete, theatrical production, performed with great skill. These large-scale presentations are so carefully choreographed, it belies the fact that one person is creating all the magic.

A highlight of each production is an informative and exciting behind-the-scenes look at the technique and artistry used in puppet theater, including a demonstration of favorite characters. In most school assembly performances, the front curtain is removed and students are invited to explore the puppetry through an insightful and absorbing question and answer period. Students are fascinated by the process, as well as enchanted by the production. A wonderful educational experience!

All shows play to a maximum audience of 350.